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Thomas Mullen
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Gender: Male


68 yrs old (Series 4)

70 yrs old (Series 6)

Family: Unknown- Father

Frances- Wife Tam Jr.- Son

Affiliation: Jack, Victor, Winston, Shug, Isa & Frances




Behind The Scenes
Portrayer: Mark Cox
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Thomas 'Tam' Mullen was born in the late 1930s. In the series 6 episode, Recipe, Tam says he is 70 years old.

Tam is another friend of Jack, Victor and Winston. He is always conning people into giving him free belongings or buying him a drink. His softer side came out when he was introduced to Frances, the local librarian. He got married to her in the episode Ring but in the episode Saucy, became attracted to her sister, Molly. In the end, he decided he was happy with Frances and laid to rest his feelings for his sister-in-law. Tam is a DJ at Western General Hospital and at 70, became a father of Tam Junior. Tam tends to be Winston's 'double act' partner, the latter was the best man at Tam's wedding.

Tam is the youngest out of Jack, Victor and Winston. Everytime Tam comes into Jenny's (Previously called The Clansmen) he always gets poor Eric to get him a pint, but other times when Eric isn't in the pub he makes up excuses like "Away for a quick pish and someones lifted your pint!" or "I left my wallet in my other trousers" or "I don't draw my pension until Friday".

Tam is played by Mark Cox.
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