Jack jarvis
Jack Jarvis
Biographical Information

Also known as


Hair Colour:

Red (formerly)



Late 1930s
Gender: Male


75 yrs (Series 1-5)

77 yrs (Series 6)

Family: Father- Father

Wife- Jean Jarvis

Daughter- Fiona

Affiliation: Jean, Victor, Isa, Winston, Tam, Eric, Boabby, Shug.




Behind The Scenes
Portrayer: Ford Kiernan
List Of Appearances Every episode to date.

Jack Jarvis was born in the late 1920s. In series 6 he is 79 years old.

His wife, Jean died and his daughter Fiona moved out to Canada with her family, leaving Jack alone in Craiglang. Jack had initially planned to go to with Jean to Canada before Fiona was born, but decided against it. Despite the loss of his wife, Jack is still willing to have relationships with women, in Courtin he dated the woman from the local charity shop which ended with him discovering that she was married, he also had brief romantic interests when he visited a brewery and when he met a woman at the theatre. In Who's the Daddy it is also revealed he had a relationship with Jenny Turnbull, who incidentally had relationships with Victor, Winston and Pete The jakey (before he was a jake) leading to confusion over who was the father of her son.

Jack's best source of company is his best friend Victor whom he met when Victor ran into his father's shop in order to get help for Frank McCallum, a young boy who had been run over by a tram. Jack and Victor have been friends for 60 years since. Jack also enjoys a drink in the local pub, Jenny's (Previously known as the Clansman) where he socialises with his other friends, Winston, Tam, Eric and Shug. He also enjoys winding Bobby the barman up with Victor. He is good friends with Navid, the owner of the local grocers, looking after the shop while Navid went to his brother's funeral in India due to his experience in shopkeeping from his father's shop. He also enjoys betting on horses at the local bookies. Jack lives in Osprey Heights, sharing a landing with Victor and Isa Drennan.

He moved into Osprey Heights in Flittin, he used to live in a house next to Peggy and Charlie McCalpine, He moved because of the McCalpine's noise and the mess the neighbour above him caused to his pristine garden. He acquired the flat previously owned by the late Mr. Hannagan(Known as "Auld Hannagan" to Jack and Victor). Before moving, he had toyed with the idea of moving in with Victor, much to Victor's annoyance since Jack is never finished eating his biscuits. Jack also enjoys smoking his pipe, in Aff he decided to give it up, but failed in doing so, however Jack has not been seen smoking his pipe starting series 5 due to the smoking ban in Scotland. But he still smokes as he plans on buying tobacco from Hyperdales.

Jack is played by Ford Kiernan.

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